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Brief Abstract

Shifting Tides and Generation Z - How Will the Skills Gap Change with the Future Workforce?

Brendan Bellefeuille, PSI/Software Secure
Maure Baker, PSI/PAN Assessments

With each passing year, employers increasingly feel that college graduates and young professionals lack the 21st century skills critical for success in tomorrow's workplace. Despite being digital natives, Generation Z seems to struggle applying their "soft skills" to the real world. How can we help close the skills gap while improving the potential culture fit for the next generation? Will being firm but gentle work?

We want to hear your thoughts. What's working? What's not? And what else can we do to serve this future workforce better?

Join us in a discussion about hard data and soft skills. We'll also talk about the Top Workplace Skills and How to Test Them.

As an educator, your experiences are extremely valuable in helping us identify and define our priorities for solution development. By participating in this focus group consultation, you're helping your institution better serve Generation Z.  Additionally, all participants will be entered into a drawing for a Sonos PLAY:1 at our session's conclusion.

Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.  To reserve your spot, RSVP by March 20!  RSVP Here

Questions?  Contact Laurie Lulow, OLC Conference Support Manager, at

We look forward to your participation in this special program!


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