App Smash Pair and Share

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

App Smash Pair and Share Workshop

Teaching and Learning Practice Track

App Smashing assists with online learning engagement and supports the UDL Multiple Means of Engagement and Representation by providing multiple ways for students to access instructional material and showcase their learning. Software applications, as is all technology, is forever changing and improving. This session is designed to allow online instructors time to explore new applications and collaborate with peers to incorporate new ideas into their instructor toolbox. Participants will explore current applications and learn and explore how to leverage the technology to achieve their goals in the online environment. 


Amy J. Dillard has worked in education for over 8 years. She began her work at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), where she received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in general studies and education, respectively. There, she studied and developed her work in experiential learning, student advocacy, and Universal Design for Learning. Dillard continues her work at Bellevue University and Iowa Western Community College. She returned briefly to UNI for additional coursework in instructional technology and received her certification in online teaching from Wake Tech.

Extended Abstract


  • Participants who attend the session will create an instructional or assessment activity for online learners using two or more applications.
  • Participants will be able to present and explain their process and how their chosen applications in App Smashing aligns with the activities learning outcomes


  • The facilitator will define and show examples of app smashing and goal alignment
    • The facilitator will review resources for App Smashing and encourage participants to think about and share how they could use multiple apps in an online instructional activity.
  • Active Learning & Collaboration
    • Participants will have 15 minutes to download and familiarize themselves with apps on their smartphone. Facilitator will assist with questions.
    • The facilitator will create a google doc with a table and send the link to the participants.
    • Participants will add their name and the app they have chosen to smash and brief description of their app.
    • Participants will find a partner to Smash their app and have 25 minutes to come up with a way to use both apps in an instructional or assessment activity.
    • Participants will complete and share a google doc with the presenter to present their instructional tool to the group.
    • Facilitator will record presentations (with previous agreement from participants) and add the videos to Thinglink to share with the group.
  •  Question and Answer
    • Discussion and reflection

Tangible Take Away

  • Participants will have a list of resources for creating an App Smash for their online class with a examples from the ThingLink application.