Unleashing the Power and Reach of Online Videos with PlayPosit

Concurrent Session 9

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

There are many advantages to using videos with your students. One of the main issues with you using videos with your students is that it requires passive involvement from your audience. PlayPosit is an web based tool that allows you to add content to your videos that will change the experience from a passive experience to an active one. Come to this session to learn how to use PlayPosit to help students engage with subject matter on a deeper level. Please bring an Internet Enabled Device to fully participate. 

Extended Abstract

There are many advantages to using video with your students. A 3 to 4 minute video has the same amount of content as a 500 word essay. In addition, students learn new and abstract concepts more easily when it is presented in visual forms. During this session, participants will learn what PlayPosit is and how to use it to increase student engagement and motivation. Participants will be able to add content to a demo video for hands-on practice. Participants will also participate in small group discussions  about best practices for implementation and use. 

Participants will be able to identify 6 benefits of using videos with their students. 

Participants will be able understand how to use PlayPosit and will be able to describe the kind of content they can add to each video. 

Participants will be able to explain best practices for implementation. 

Participants will have hands-on engagement with the tool, adding content to a video on their personal devices. The presenter will walk participants through the process and assist  them in the creation of their first video bulb. Participants will receive a digital and physical copy of the presentation so they can take it back to their colleagues for implementation.