Our OER journey: A Roadmap to Implementation

Concurrent Session 10

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Open Education Resources(OERs) are valuable in reducing the cost of textbooks to students. With OERs, students have access to their content immediately on any Internet Enabled device. Textbooks costs are a huge concern to our student population. The majority of our students are first generation college students who are working adults. As such, we had to find a way to reach our students in a different way. This session will discuss our roadmap to OER implementation, successes and pitfalls. 

Extended Abstract

According to a 2016 report, from the United States Public Interest Research Group, “The average cost of a textbook has risen by 73% since 2006, or four times that of U.S. inflation rates.” The cost of textbook and course materials causes a great amount of stress to our students. Most of our student population are first generation college students and most are working adults with families. As such, our students are renting, photo copying or not even buying the textbooks in order to participate in their courses. This causes our students to get behind on their course work which affects their student experience and impacts our retention of qualified students. 

This session will discuss our roadmap to developing and implementing Open Access courses that use OERs and subscription based products like NBCLearn to provide the students with courses where all the content is available to them on any Internet Enabled Device. While the institution pays for subscription based databases and products, these products are available to the students at no additional cost. In this session, participants will learn where our institution is in the process and will also be introduced to various online resources to  help them start looking into using OERs with their students.  

Participants will be able to describe the steps in the roadmap and will understand where our institution is in the process. 

Participants will be able identify three online resources to begin looking for OERs. 

Participants will be able to  identify 3 tools to evaluate the validity and reliability of OERs. 

Participants will have a copy of the roadmap to implementation and will have an opportunity to discuss how they can adapt the roadmap to fit the needs of their institution. Participants will also be introduced to an online repository that they can use with their students/colleagues and will be given tools to evaluate the OERs.