Supporting IT and Cybersecurity Programs with Online Resources

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

This roundtable will discuss effective online resources to support Information Technology and Cybersecurity programs.  This session will be useful for those who are searching for solutions to provide students with hands on experience in technical coursework.


I'm an Associate Professor and Chair of the Information Technology Department at Johnson County Community College. We prepare students for careers in IT with a focus on Network Administrators, Systems Administrators, and Security Analysts.

Extended Abstract

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) in Overland Park, KS has worked to develop a significant online offering in cybersecurity and information technology over the last three years.  We are working with a mentor to become NSA designated as Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) approved.  The goal of this roundtable will be to help colleges who are considering offering online IT and cyber courses that require hands on components effectively get started.   Handouts will be distributed regarding resources available.  The group will be engaged in an open discussion about technical coursework and how to provide effective hands on labs online.

The specific issue to be addressed is how to effectively support technical coursework in an online environment.  This is a tremendous opportunity, and a large challenge.

This roundtable will serve those best who are considering getting started, or just getting started.  It will also do well for those who are doing something but are not satisfied and looking for alternatives.  Those with mature programs and online services may also benefit.  They also can add to the conversation.

Major discussions points: What resources are available?  Are they cost effective?  What challenges are there in implementation?  What support staff is needed?  How much time will faculty need to invest?  How difficult is it for students to learn?

The discussion of online learning in technical coursework is a major trend and opportunity. 

Those who attend will walk away with a substantial list of well vetted solutions to providing hands on technical coursework in an online environment.  Lessons learned from those who have implemented this successfully will also be provided.