The Power of Sprint: Designing Learning Objects

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

Cross-functional teams will learn to use design sprints to create learning objects.

Extended Abstract

Creating learning objects, whether to be used in a single course or reused across many courses, takes time and thoughtful learning design. What are designers and faculty to do when there simply is not enough time to create a meaningful learning object that supports learning and the course objectives? Because self-evaluation is so critical to formative assessment in online learning, we will focus on the rapid and collaborative development of a scalable and reusable self-assessment template, focusing specifically on supporting the student in attaining the course objectives. A design sprint that touches on each phase of the design thinking process will guide this development.

During the presentation, we will share how you can successfully apply short design sprints to develop faculty- and student-centered learning objects using cross-functional collaboration. We will demonstrate how to prototype and define usability criteria for a successful self-assessment template, which participants can test and share with their own institutions. We will discuss both the key steps of the design sprint and the best practices for participants to facilitate sprints. Participants will be able to use design sprints to collaboratively design and iteratively improve their own learning objects.