Scaling Program Design Using a Program Roadmap

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

In this session, we present a roadmapping tool used to scale program design for rapid course development. Using an interactive presentation, we will test-drive this tool and consider how it could be customized and implemented at different institutions. 


Trish Briere is a senior learning designer for the University of Maryland University College, where she collaborates with faculty partners, editors, and artists to design and develop courses for The Graduate School. Her instructional design experience spans over 15 years in the K–12 arena as well as training in the corporate sector. Active in various professional organizations, Trish has served on the board of the Maryland Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (2015-2017).
As a learning designer at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), I work with faculty to create graduate and undergraduate courses. I help develop learning resources and the project-based framework in which they are delivered, working closely with team members to produce text, graphic, interactive, multimedia, and assessment course components. In my previous life, I edited textbooks and encyclopedias at McGraw-Hill, then edited course content at UMUC for 10 years. I have a degree in English from Vassar College and am currently working toward an MS in learning design and technology at UMUC. Other interests include baking and Appalachian music and dance.

Extended Abstract

Designing and developing even a single online course is a challenge. How can we scale this process to maintain quality and continuity across an entire program? At the University of Maryland University College, we developed a simple tool that enables us to rapidly design entire programs, ensure continuity across courses, and remain enmeshed in the details of an individual course development. Furthermore, this tool can be adapted to fit the needs of any institution. 

We will begin our session by inviting participants to briefly share challenges they have experienced in scaling course design and development. We will segue into an interactive demonstration of our program roadmapping tool, forming cross-functional groups in which participants will complete a portion of the roadmap. Each group member will be assigned a role on the course development team—designer, faculty member, SME, editor, and so forth—and we will role-play our way through both the tool and the process. During a five-minute reflection, participants will be asked to consider how they might be able to adapt the roadmap for their own use. The final 10 minutes will be spent on Q&A, where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to help customize this powerful yet simple tool and implement it in their program design.