The Rain in Spain or Synergy Creates Better Courses

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

How does an experienced face to face turn into a video, audio and OER wielding online professional?  It takes a village, if that village contains an excellent instructional design team and experienced instructors willing to share knowledge and content. Watch the transformation take place!


Angela Thurman is an online instructor of economics at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. She received her MS in Economics from UNT and her BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University. Angela came to teaching following a successful career in sales, which gives her a business mindset that she brings into the classroom. She has been teaching at the community college level for many years and considers teaching to be one of her many passions. She lives in Fort Worth , Texas and loves following the exploits of her three (mostly grown) children. She enjoys traveling to exotic locations in her spare time, when she's not taping new segments for her classes!

Extended Abstract

"The Rain in Spain" plays softly in the background as an experienced classroom instructor is gradually transformed into a video, audio and OER wielding online (semi) mastermind.  The transformation happens when instructional design and business meets social sciences and the resulting synergy creates an excellent product for students.  Viewers will witness as the newbie is exposed to cutting edge instructional design ideas, balks at OER adoptions and the changes expected, watches an experienced instructor at work, then, finally, sucumbs and jumps head first into the exciting world of online presented education.  The result is happier, more engaged students with more jingle in their pockets and crisp, well designed course offerings that are constantly changing for the better. 

Presenters will share the journey to adopting OER's, the pain and pleasure of creating personal videos, the excitement of sharing new ideas and collaborating on content and request input and feedback from audience members.  The take away will be content and ideas that are immediately useable with the option to collaborate with others on future course creations.