Using a Lightboard in an Online Math Course to Emulate the Face-to-face Experience

Concurrent Session 6

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Brief Abstract

In this presentation, we share our journey to implement a new lightboard at our institution. We have experienced a breakthrough in the online presentation of mathematical content. Come see how a professor faces his audience while writing on the "board", instead of the traditional "look at my back" lecture.   




Kristina Schmid is an Instructional Designer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She works in the Office of Online Education. She has been immersed in online education since 2001. Kristi earned an M.S.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University. She also holds a M.Ed. in Math Education from the Ohio State University. In her previous role as a math instructor, Kristi taught Algebra and Math for Elementary Teachers courses in both online and hybrid modalities. She believes that her own experience as online student and instructor enrich the student-centered perspective that she aims for in online course design. Kristi is also a Ph.D. student and a mother of three and you can usually find her cheering for her kids at track and cross-country meets. She and her husband love to travel while exploring new vacation destinations. Kristi also has a love for American Sign Language and has been signing since childhood. She is excited to be at UNLV and is eager to contribute to the university’s creative and innovative cultural environment.
Peter has been an assistant professor, faculty in residence at the University of Nevada Las Vegas since 2014. He teaches Developmental Math courses Math 95 and Math 96 and has recently designed their online versions. He enjoys swimming, speaking German, and traveling.
I am a creative professional with years of studio experience and a passion for visual storytelling. As a content creator I have guided projects from inception to execution to exhibition. I have the experience and the wherewithal to coordinate with teams of specialists in order to complete multifaceted endeavors.

Extended Abstract

Two years ago, a UNLV assistant professor of the Math Learning Center, along with our development team, began the process of creating an online version of two existing developmental math courses, Math 95 and Math 96.  A lightboard was proposed as a means of presenting mathematical content in a way that emulates a lecture in the classroom.  The lightboard, however, allows the professor to face the audience in contrast to the traditional lecture where he/she is facing the board.   In this session we will showcase content filmed at our institution for Math 95 and Math 96, our two developmental math courses.  We will highlight the contributions of instructional designers, videographers, instructional artists and other staff members of the Office of Online Education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  The process of planning, filming, and editing video lectures, as well as creating and inserting interactive content to enhance the course and engage students required a variety of skill and expertise. This effort is a work in progress to improve the professor/student user experience and gather data on its effectiveness. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss ways of adopting and implementing a similar process at their own institutions considering the resources available to them.