Driving Student Success with Predictive Analytics

Concurrent Session 2

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Brief Abstract

Discover the power of predictive analytics! Learn how FIU Online has increased student success rates in critical courses by implementing predictive analytics using the capabilities of Alteryx, R-statistical programming and Tableau.


Data Analyst at Florida International University vastly experienced and certified in Tableau analytics in the fields of education (student, faculty/staff, university performance metrics), business operations (financials, inventory, goal tracking, forecasting), marketing (campaign analysis, recruitment, social networks), and human resource analytics. Since 2014, I have been working at FIU Online at implementing a data-driven culture at the department and university level. I have partnered with different units for better insight delivery of learning and academic analytics, as well as enhanced interactive reporting and analysis. Passionate and very interested in the fields of Business Intelligence, Research, Analytics and Data Mining. I currently hold a Master of Science in Management Information Systems as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and Marketing. Previously, I have held the role of Instructional Designer at Florida International University developing online courses for a variety of school/colleges and working with different faculty and staff. I am experienced in instructional design, e-learning, audio and graphic design, application programming and public speaking.
As a Data Analyst for FIU Online, I have extensive knowledge in Tableau analytics and a passion for data. I work with various units within the University to design accurate, up-to-date, engaging and informative dashboards to support departmental operations such as enrollment tracking, student success strategy improvement, marketing strategy development, and course design and auditing processes. I have a Bachelor of Science from Florida International University, where I graduated with a degree in I.T. - Software Engineering and a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics, and I am currently working on a Master's in Data Science. My academic and professional background have provided me with both the technical knowledge necessary to understand the intricacies of data and the insight required to navigate the analytics industry.

Extended Abstract

Committed to student success and graduation, FIU Online presents Project PATT - Predict & Achieve Through Targeting. FIU Online has piloted our first predictive analytics initiative using a neural network model focused on improving success rates for fully online students. Our predictive model has been trained using enrollment data, such as semester enrollment load, enrollment history, and student performance within university core curriculum courses and gateway (critical) courses. The ultimate goal is to increase student pass rates by being proactive and predicting a student’s probability of success within their online course. Based on the results of our analysis, students are assigned a success score and a risk level classification at the moment of enrollment. This facilitates immediate, early intervention by our Student Success team. The team then develops a target communication plan, tailored to provide students with the support they need to achieve success.