Embedded Librarianship: Connecting Faculty, Librarians, and Students in Online Courses to Improve Information Literacy Competences

Concurrent Session 3

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Brief Abstract

The embedded librarianship model is based on collaborative partnerships between librarians and faculty to improve students’ information literacy competences.  The focus of this session is to present strategies for planning, implementing, and evaluating the embedded librarianship model in online courses.


I am a multilingual communications professional, educator, and leader in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, interested in actively contributing to the enrichment of theory, practice, and leadership. For the past seven years I have been involved in online learning in various roles. I co-created my institution's Center for Innovation and Creativity in Education, where I also led a team of instructional designers, graphic designers, and audiovisual technicians in the creation of multimedia content for online courses and trained faculty in the integration of new technologies and strategies in the traditional classroom. For the past five years I have led the campus' academic department for online learning. As department chair I have been widely involved in governance processes such as budgeting, strategic planning, policy, compliance, accreditation, faculty recruitment, selection, supervision and development, course programming, curricular development, instructional design, marketing, and student enrollment, advising, retention and success. I have also been able to implement pilot projects related to embedded librarianship, transdisciplinary team-teaching, communities of practice, internationalization, and faculty intrapreneurship. On the other hand, I have been an online instructor and designer of Management, Marketing, and Sales courses. I have actively contributed to the development of distance learning in Puerto Rico through my participation and involvement in local events, initiatives, and associations.

Extended Abstract

The embedded librarianship model is based on the collaborative and active work of librarians in diverse educational spaces.  Under this model, librarians create partnerships with academic departments, professors, instructional designers, administrative staff, and students to collaborate in the integration and facilitation of experiences that help them develop and improve their informational literacy competences.  This session includes strategies for planning, implementing, and evaluating the embedded librarianship model in online learning environments, based on a department led initiative to adopt the model at undergraduate and doctoral levels.  Several approaches to embedding and collaborating will be discussed.