How Audio Posters can be Used as Unique Engagement Spaces at Conferences

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

During this session you will get to make and share a short audio session using a variety of audio capture techniques and tools.


Daniel collaborates with people on making their work as impactful and open as possible. His interests and work revolves around digital storytelling, social network analysis, open education, and cultural theory. Having lived and worked in higher education in six different countries, he brings a varied approach and view to projects.

Extended Abstract

As podcasts and audiobooks become ubiquitous, we need to harness their potentials at conferences and in our pedagogy. We used an 800 number and website to collect responses and engage people in their beliefs around open education and student agency. During our session we will explore participants’ potential use of original auditory artifacts in their specific contexts whilst detailing our own results and process.

Using a podcast format, we created and shared an unconventional poster session where recorded responses to two questions were presented for an audio poster during the opened18 conference. Responses were made available on a website as an archive of/for Open Education practitioners, and the generally curious. As longtime participants in Open Education conferences, discussions, events, and communities, our goal was to intentionally bring the voices of learners, those focused on learning, and those left out the discussion of learning together in this way.

During our Innovation lab time participants will learn how to:

  • Form meaningful questions to ask their learners

  • Collect auditory data using a variety of technologies

  • Design assignments geared to promote student agency

Sharing the multiple ways/means/modes participants recorded their responses to our project, we will push participants to reflect on the accessibility and ethics involved in the creation of “audio posters”. In addition, we will share the research our work is based on and considerations similar future projects could follow.

Working in paris and small groups and using think/pair/share and other brainstorming techniques, participants will use their mobiles/laptops to create a sample audio poster during the workshop which will also be shared in the open using the conference hashtag and a website.


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