The Needle in the Haystack: One Education Technologists Plight for Innovation

Concurrent Session 10

Brief Abstract

When your primary job focus is to identify and implement new technology and tools for your faculty and students, how do you discriminate between the endless options available? This is an in-the-trenches perspective of the uphill battle to identify solutions and gain institutional buy-in for digital innovation across campus.


Corri Nicoletti is a Technical Support Analyst at Lumen Learning. She focuses on technology integrations as well as LMS and product support. She is an innovative thinker who loves coming up with bright new ideas, working in collaborative environments, and helping faculty integrate, navigate and master educational technologies. Corri works closely with the Lumen team to provide support and optimize the use of Lumen's products for faculty and students alike.

Extended Abstract

When one door closes, another on opens! A one-on-one faculty support session raised an eyebrow when the faculty member shared new technology that she took upon herself to pilot in her classroom. You might be able to relate to the uphill battle constantly faced by technology integration specialists: Unless it’s free and magical, it can be difficult to gain momentum among various roles and stakeholders at an institution.

The tool that this presentation will be modeled around is Rocketbook, a washable, erasable, reusable notebook designed to promote sharing in various modes and formats. Recent advancements include transcribing and searchable text! Imagine what this means for the green classroom and sustainability, providing an alternative to the stacks of notebooks used each year for in department meetings or digitizing formulas and processes that mandate being hand written. Consider students who require a note taking accommodation and the effective and efficient practices this one tool can promote and provide.

Through a series of animated video simulations of technology and tool integration obstacles, this session will serve to share experiences to a particular tool while including strategies and shared experiences to benefit the integration processes as a whole. Everyone seems to think it is a great and practical idea, but no one is willing to take the steps necessary for increasing campus implementation. Struggles include costs, training, ease of use, promotion, and adoption. While it integrates with many shared services, some campuses avoid the use of external hosting formats for privacy and security reasons. Does this mean it can't be used?

This presentation aims to share the journey, speed bumps, dead ends, and alternate paths that I’ve traveled along with ! This includes a possible partnership with the vendor, looking into options for direct LMS integration, followed by achievable alternatives. I worked to identify potential cheerleaders and advocates for both the tool and the process in hopes of furthering implementation above and beyond opportunistic stakeholders who seem to love new ideas but hesitate to invest.