Rocky Mountains of Data

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Brief Abstract

Education continues to become metricized, and technology tools grant us more metrics, seemingly at an exponential clip. Internal and external pressures drive us to assess, quantify and measure facts as a means to justify our efforts and initiatives. What does it all mean? We have all been faced with data that we know is not reflective of the whole story. How can our community support each other in evaluating and telling our stories of impact?

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Joshua Steele is the Senior Director of University of Arizona Online, partnering with centralized student services to ensure that students who attend 100% online have the necessary resources and guidance to be successful.

Extended Abstract

This discussion will highlight key conundrums in the current state of our industry: performance-based funding, budgets tied to outcomes, pressures to find the "silver bullet" that solves all issues with access and success, etc. These challenges may narrow our focus, searching for the data that erases skepticism, reflects our impact, and advocates for the students we serve. What are the ways in which we can do this impact fully? How do we satisfy these demands while also never losing sight of the incredible intellectual project in which we are engaged?