Protecting Integrity in the Modern Era

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Brief Abstract

Honorlock combines traditional methods of proctoring such as webcam, and ID verification with innovative new technologies we've developed. With a focus on user experience, Honorlock requires no software to download, on-demand testing and 24/7 support.


Andres Taborda is a Regional Director at Honorlock’s Boca Raton, FL corporate headquarters where he oversees the business development of the Southeast territory. He graduated from Palm Beach State College. As one of the first five employees of Honorlock, Andres has been a witness to the academic impact that Honorlock’s patented technology has had on institutions throughout the country.
Prior to her role as Instructional Designer/Technologist, Dr. Jill Simpson taught computer software courses for 15 years, with 10 of those years spent in the online environment. Now serving as the Instructional Designer/Technologist for the College of Business at the University of North Alabama (UNA), Dr. Simpson continues to teach online computer software classes for the BBA program, as well as an online foundational course for the MBA program. With an entirely online MBA program and many online BBA courses, the College of Business at UNA frequently strategizes how to optimize student learning and student satisfaction while maintaining the academic integrity of our online courses. Dr. Simpson’s role in this strategy is to research available technologies to determine which will meet our needs and then train faculty how to use it.

Extended Abstract

Honorlock has its origins as a startup venture in Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway program. As students at FAU, the founders felt that instructors did not have the tools needed to ensure academic integrity with online courses and assessments. So they came up with an idea, developed a prototype, entered an entrepreneurship competition, and invested their prize money in getting face time with college and university administrators, faculty, and students.

They wanted to find out first hand from end users what kind of tools and features are needed in a proctoring setting to ensure the concept of academic integrity isn’t lost on the proliferation of online courses. What Honorlock came up with is the reason Dan Cane, founder of Blackboard, came on as an early investor and head Board Advisor, and the reason Dee Bohne, six years as Sales Director at Instructure, is now Honorlock’s VP of Sales. With their creative drive, combined with extensive feedback from users in higher education, Honorlock has set out to be a disruptive force with the fastest, most comprehensive, and most innovative proctoring solution in the industry. A summary of a few of Honorlock’s key proctoring features are provided below:

Secondary Device Detection: Honorlock is proud to be the first and industry leader in the detection of secondary devices. Our patented system can detect cell phones, tablets, or laptops that are accessing test bank content while a user is taking an assessment. For maximum evidence in the event of secondary device violation, we capture the screen recording of the secondary device.

Search and Destroy: Our proprietary test bank removal technology will automatically remove illicit test content from third party websites before students take an assessment. When Honorlock is enabled in an assessment, Honorlock will automatically search for leaked assessment content and remove content from third party website’s by filing DMCA copyright takedown notices.

Live Pop-in: Honorlock offers the first and only automated system that will prompt a live proctor to “Pop-in” to a student’s session should the student trigger our automated system due to suspicious activity. We call Live Pop-in the “new live” proctoring service – only better. With Live Pop-in, A.I. runs in the background and notifies our proctors of suspicious activity. Proctors can then “pop-in” to a student’s session and prevent dishonesty in real-time before it happens. Our live proctor is intervening “just in time” to help prevent the student from following through with whatever activity triggered our automated system. Or they can pop-in “just in time” when a student needs support. We do this in a very thoughtful and helpful way, as your Honorlock assistant with the goal always to promote learning and success. Live Pop-in keeps the human touch yet delivers a much less intimidating and non-invasive testing experience for the student.

LMS Integration: Honorlock is a certified partner with most leading LMS providers. Instructors enable their test with Honorlock in a single click and are never required to leave the LMS.

On-Demand: Students are able to take a proctored exam on-demand, at any time, day or night. Couple this with our version of live proctoring (Live Pop-in) and this means a student could take an exam at 3:00 a.m., no prior scheduling, have full email/live-chat/phone support, and have a live proctor enter the session should the student trigger the system due to suspicious activity.

Browser Guard: Enabling Browser Guard will not only record the entire desktop for the duration of the exam, but will also prevent copy/paste, opening new windows or tabs, or accessing any other application on the desktop.

Real-time Recording: Using the latest available web media technologies (WebRTC protocols), we are able to provide instructors with real-time access to webcam videos and desktop screen captures. Any incident or suspicious activity will show up in the instructors Honorlock dashboard, also in real-time.

Whitelisting: Allows faculty to give students permission to visit specific websites while restricting them from visiting any other website during their exam session.