If Video Is So Engaging, Why Aren’t My Students Engaged?

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Brief Abstract

Learn how Arc, the video engagement platform from Canvas, can be used to capture student interest, motivate their involvement, and make learning more personal - and more fun!


Peter Campbell is a leading innovator and evangelist for the transformative use of educational technology. For the past 24 years, he has led large-scale ed tech projects at major corporations, academic institutions, and startups. A thought leader with experience in sales, product management, and instructional design, he served as the the Director of Academic Technology at Montclair State University, the Director of Solutions Management at Blackboard, and the Director of Immersive Learning Solutions at Pearson. Peter is currently an Enterprise Sales Director for Instructure, where he works with a team to bring Canvas to colleges and universities in North America.

Extended Abstract

Everyone loves video. But here’s the rub: even the best video puts learners in a passive role. So how do you make video interactive? And how can video be used as a tool for engagement? Arc is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. It’s kind of like a discussion board, but with video and analytics built in. Arc lets students and instructors engage with media content by commenting directly on a media timeline. Students can learn from each other's insights as well as from the instructor's direction and feedback. Comments are noted with the time and date they were posted, along with the aligned time in the media. Comments can also be shown as inline comments in the timeline while viewing the media. Users can also post replies to comments as well. Arc's analytics allow instructors and administrators to quickly and easily analyze the media students are viewing, how long they are viewing, and when they stop viewing. This information allows instructors to optimize media to communicate critical information more effectively and monitor student behavior. Users can upload their own videos or bring in YouTube videos -- without the ads. And Arc provides automatic closed captioning, making this a great solution to meet your accessibility needs.