Canvas: An Engine For Student Success

Concurrent Session 1

Brief Abstract

Learn how Canvas can be used for student success. Topics include monitoring and communicating with at-risk students, using video feedback for greater personalization, and collaboration tools to promote engagement.


Peter Campbell is a leading innovator and evangelist for the transformative use of educational technology. For the past 24 years, he has led large-scale ed tech projects at major corporations, academic institutions, and startups. A thought leader with experience in sales, product management, and instructional design, he served as the the Director of Academic Technology at Montclair State University, the Director of Solutions Management at Blackboard, and the Director of Immersive Learning Solutions at Pearson. Peter is currently an Enterprise Sales Director for Instructure, where he works with a team to bring Canvas to colleges and universities in North America.

Extended Abstract

Higher education is undergoing a massive change in its core mission. No longer is the college-going experience about gatekeeping and weeding out students; no longer can students be blamed for not being able to cut it. Rather, the new mission is about making all students successful. But most institutions of higher education are not equipped to face the challenges associated with this new mission. How do you tackle this? Where can you start? This session will highlight a number of ways that Canvas can be used as a key part of this new mission. We’ll focus on features within Canvas that you may not be aware of: identifying at-risk students, easily communicating with these students, engaging students via personalized video feedback, and enabling students to collaborate with each other. By using a tool you already have but may not be leveraging to its fullest, we aim to inspire you to see Canvas as an engine for student success, not just an LMS.