3 Ways Video Enhances Student Engagement

Concurrent Session 8

Brief Abstract

Video is more important than ever in today's classrooms. But how do you make all that video as searchable, accessible and engaging as possible to all viewers?


With a passion for all-things-technology, Bill has enjoyed working at Sonic Foundry for the past 12 years where he is now the Director of Field Engineering and Training. Bill uses his experience in IT and analytics as well as his knack for all things technical to discover ways to leverage technology to solve business problems and improve people’s lives. He uses this passion to teach others about Mediasite and how they can incorporate it into their classroom to help students succeed in their courses. Bill believes that Mediasite is the best tool to help students and faculty communicate, collaborate and ultimately succeed. The University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate earned a Bachelors in Business Administration in Business and IT. Bill is passionate about how Mediasite truly makes a difference in students’ educational experience by making classes more engaging and immersive. He believes if he had a tool to re-watch lectures while he was in school, it would have been a game-changer. He is experienced at implementing Mediasite on a wide variety of server deployments and has a strong emphasis on learning management systems and their integrations with Mediasite. Bill also conducts regular product training for customers and employees. Bill and his wife Katy live in Chicago, Ill. with their six-year-old twins.

Extended Abstract

Transform the student experience with video interactivity tools designed to increase student retention and create more powerful engagement between faculty and students. Learn what you need in a video platform to measure teaching effectiveness and students' understanding of topics in real time. You'll learn how to:

  • Help students measure their progress with embedded quizzes
  • Give instructors real-time information on students' understanding with polls
  • Enable students to actively learn with annotations and comments