Sisyphus & Squad Goals: Perpetual Becoming, With a Lot of Help From My Friends

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Brief Abstract

Lifelong learning seems like a fine concept for what we should prepare others to do, but recognizing its ubiquity in one’s own life like can make educational work feel like an exercise in interminable futility. In this campfire talk, doctoral student and design strategist Ben Scragg will highlight the pearls and people from his journey - from the folk wisdom that has gathered on him like moss over the years, to the occasionally painful lessons learned through experience and idiocy - that have shaped his contribution to the collective mountains we’re climbing in education.


It turns out a bunch of nomadic-yet-related experiences and some determination to overcome imposter syndrome and some bourbon with friends make for an interesting life and career path. Ben is the Lead Design Strategist in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, where he and his team are partnering with local community schools and organizations to reimagine and redesign K12 education. A veteran K12 educator and higher ed instructional designer, Ben is fascinated with what happens when smart and curious people get in a room and work really hard at thinking about and taking the next step toward what could be - and trying to make that happen more.

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