Leaving Tradition Behind: Teaming Up with the Library to Lower Student Cost

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Watch This Session

Brief Abstract

Academic libraries have challenged tradition to reduce cost, increase student persistence and retention, steward open education, and challenge publisher power. In this choose your own adventure discovery session learn how you can work with librarians to lower student cost and increase access by leveraging library content in the LMS.

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Trisha has been with Southern New Hampshire University’s Shapiro Library beginning in 2014 as the Head of Reference Services and has been embedded in SNHU Global Campus since 2017 as an eLearning Librarian. She focuses on integrating Shapiro Library resources and principles of information literacy into the SNHU curriculum and supporting student success in teaching and learning. Prevett also teaches general education courses for SNHU Global Campus. Passionate about transforming lives and information equity, Prevett uses her drive and energy to keep these commitments at the forefront of the Library's partnerships and work across the University. Outside of the library, she spends time training for Strongman competitions and enjoying all of New England's varied gastronomic delights.
Anaya Jones joined Southern New Hampshire University in 2018 as an eLearning librarian and an assistant professor where she helps leverage library collections to reduce costs to students and provides virtual research instruction for distance students. Previously, she served as the information literacy librarian at Mary Baldwin University in Virginia. Her accomplishments there include building a searchable skill video library and coordinating term length information literacy instruction. Jones earned her MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University and her BA in English, magna cum laude, from Mary Baldwin University. When not thinking about libraries and online learning, Anaya enjoys hiking, crafting, and staring longingly at photos of sloths.

Extended Abstract

Educators know that some of the largest barriers to success in the higher education landscape include student costs. Academic libraries play an important role in this conversation around improving student outcomes and increasing access to affordable education. Libraries have looked inward to challenge tradition and leverage their collections and expertise to assist in working on these issues.This session will look at how libraries have traditionally offered materials and explore how these traditional models are disrupted, circumvented or adapted through an interactive, choose your own adventure style session. These models include research collections in libraries, reliance on published textbooks and for profit publishing.

The decision to use library licensed content in courses provides immediate access to course materials at no additional cost sets up all students for success. Hear from librarian experts in the trenches about how libraries are adapting to meet these needs. Gain insights into investigating similar options on your own campus and how those efforts can help you improve outcomes and reduce cost for your students. 

Attendees can expect to leave with:

  • knowledge of traditional collection and publishing models and how they are changing

  • an understanding of the issues surrounding sourcing library resources

  • a plan to engage with their institution's library to explore similar options