Peer Review Model - It isn't the Receiving but Giving of Feedback!

Brief Abstract

In this session, we will discuss the peer review process, as well as evidence-based practices and research for designing peer review models in online and blended learning. Elements of a peer review model developed for a Bachelor’s of Nursing Capstone course will also be shared.


My work experience has showcased my ability to be an engaging educator, an innovative designer, and a successful trainer in the field of education and business. I have shown my dedication to creating a thriving education business and a flourishing professional learning community through my initiative, collaboration, and creativity in problem-solving and design. I have a Certification for the Fundamentals of Online Teaching from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Public Policy from Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa, and a Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL.

Extended Abstract

 “The purpose of feedback is to change the student, not the work, to improve their performance on tasks they have not yet attempted.” ~ Dylan Williams

This discovery session will address this quote by examining the importance of feedback for student learning and performance, the effects of giving and receiving feedback on student performance, the challenges of using a peer review model.

The process for designing a peer review model will be broken down and guiding questions will be provided to support the development of new models.  Elements of a peer review model developed for a Bachelor’s of Nursing Capstone course will be shared, as well as how this model addressed challenges in peer review and each of the guiding questions.

Participants will receive a digital handout with a peer review model, guiding questions for designing a peer review model, and research on the effectiveness of peer review. The digital handout will be accessed through a QR code.