Creativity abounds! Flipping the Classroom and Project Based Assessments with Book Creator

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Brief Abstract

Book Creator is an app/online tool that allows students to create digital presentations. Book Creator scores high for accessibility and is a rare tool that can be used with any age- from very young children to adult learners. Come learn how to use this tool to increase student engagement/participation.

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Extended Abstract

Book Creator can be used to publish materials to an authentic audience, engage reluctant writers, demonstrate understanding and promote collaboration among students. This free, online, accessible tool has a simple interface for navigation. Participants will learn how using this tool is beneficial for their classroom practices and for their students.  Discussion of best practices for implementation, use and assessment will also occur during this session.

  • During this session, participants will learn what Book Creator  is and how to use it to increase student engagement and motivation.
  • Participants will be able to add content to a demo book  for hands-on practice
  •  Participants will also participate in small group discussions  about best practices for implementation and use. 
  • Participants will be able to identify 6 benefits of using Book Creator with their students. 
  • Participants will be able to identify 6 project based assessments the can do with Book Creator. 


Participants will have hands-on engagement with the tool, adding content to a book on their personal devices. The presenter will walk participants through the process and assist  them in the creation of their first book. Participants will receive a digital and physical copy of the presentation so they can take it back to their colleagues for implementation.   

This will be an interactive presentation where participants will get hands on experience with the tool shared. All participants will have access to the presentation at the same time and will be able to provide real time data/feedback. All participants will also have printable resources that they can refer to after the presentation. The presentation will also be made available in a digital format. All participants are encouraged to bring their Internet Enabled Devices to the session.