Closing the Skills Gap

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Brief Abstract

As technology changes how companies interact with customers and the products they offer, workers need to access ongoing development opportunities to gain and maintain relevant skills. Driven by a survey of 600 human resource leaders, this session will share the impacts of skills gaps and ways to address this challenge.

Extended Abstract

Closing the Skills Gap 2019 Research Report

Closing the Skills Gap 2019 is a research report from Wiley Education Services and Future Workplace. This report identifies talent acquisition challenges that employers face, provides examples of how employers are attempting to fill skills gaps, and explores ways for companies to partner with universities to prepare workers for changing skills needs. The presentation will highlight key issues and ways to move forward in progressing facilitative lifelong learning to help support the changing workforce landscape.

Key Issues Addressed

Six hundred human resource leaders were surveyed to examine the scope of workforce skills gaps and tactics that employers use to address this issue. Highlights:

  • The biggest impacts that skills gaps have on companies
  • How much money companies invest in upskilling programs
  • Credentials employers consider in place of college degrees
  • Innovations companies use to overcome talent shortages
  • Ways for employers and educators to create solutions together