Where Destiny Meets Legacy: Open Educational Resource (OER) Pilot Project in Introduction to Effective Oral Communication Course


Brief Abstract

A presentation on OER pilot project in a General Education Communication course that bridges hybrid, online, and traditional classroom teaching and learning. It tackles quality, affordability, course completion, student learning outcomes reports; improvement in end-of-course grades; attainment gap concern, teachers and students perceptions, pedagogical, and learning impacts.

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I am currently, Chair/Associate Professor with Tenure in the department of Communication Studies, Theatre, & Dance of the School of Performing Arts and Communication at the Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida; and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide Online. I earned a Ph.D. in Communication and Culture at the Howard University, Washington, DC.; an MA in Mass Communication at the Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; and a BA in English & Religion concurrently with a diploma in Education at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. In 2010 I received the Special Award namely "The Robert B. and Mary Alice Massey Faculty Member of the Year" (2009-2010) at the Bethune-Cookman University. My research interest and specialization include International Communication, Global Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Speech Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Mass Communication; as well as the application of Qualitative, Quantitative and Triangulation research methods. I am an active participant as reviewer, chair, and panelist in the ICA Divisions of Mass Communication, Communication and Technology, Global Communication and Social Change, Health Communication, and Instructional and Developmental Communication; National Communication Association, NCA and the Association for Education in Journalism Mass Communication, AEJMC. Finally, I like to listen to various types of music including Jazz, Reggae, Classical, and Contemporary, with clean lyrics! I enjoy viewing movies especially non-fiction or based on true stories; some sports like soccer, athletics, football, and basketball. Playing ping-pong is what I prefer for a work-out though walking and some gym work are okay!

Extended Abstract

This proposal titled Where Destiny Meets Legacy: OER Pilot Project in Introduction to Effective Oral Communication Course (General Education) for the Discovery Session seeks to present an Open Educational Resources OER pilot project on a General Education blended course namely Introduction to Effective Oral Communication, SC 230.

The OER pilot project started in spring 2018 via a grant; then course redesign with the OER material Public Speaking: The Virtual Text in summer 2018; followed by hybrid course implementation in fall 2018; piloted as online course in spring 2019; and in fall 2019 adopted the OER material Public Speaking: The Virtual Text for both online and traditional classroom. Certainly, this is a clear representation of building bridges of first, pilot OER material in a hybrid course; second pilot  OER material in an online course; and third adopt same OER material in both online and  traditional classroom sections of the course; valuable to the conference theme.

Level of Participation:

The 10-15 minutes presentation of three segments for the Discovery Session tackles eight main topics of research on OER and student success; teacher/student perceptions; learning outcomes; General Education public speaking course; pilot OER material Public Speaking: The Virtual Text with the Introduction to Effective Oral Communication SC 230 course; timeline and redesign of Introduction to Effective Oral Communication SC 230 course; course schedule; and resources.

Pertinent issues like current challenges of course completion, quality, affordability as relates to student learning outcomes and success; improvement in end-of-course grades; affordability, and attainment gap concern are addressed. Also considered are teachers and student perceptions of the cost, learning outcome reports, quality, pedagogical, and learning impacts.

Session Goals:

The interactive 1:1 and small group setting Discovery Session will enable attendees to respond to the 10-15 minutes presentation and provide new ideas on any of the eight main topics, which will not only build bridges among the hybrid, online, and traditional classroom via OER material, but link peers in our quest to innovate in online education.