Implementing an Online Training Program for Multi Course Section Instructional Teams

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Brief Abstract

This session will cover the process and implementation of an innovative on-boarding online training program for new instructors of a multi-section course. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing measurable learning objectives for the training program and the assessment process through which instructors are certified to teach the course.  

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Nick Linardopoulos serves as the Public Speaking Course Coordinator and an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Communication at Rutgers University. In that role, he oversees the management of all public speaking sections. Nick’s research interests focus on the areas of instructional technology, professional, mediated and sport communication and online learning.

Extended Abstract

Baker and Bikero (2019), make a compelling case for a structured on-boarding process for the purposes of improving the overall experience of new faculty members. Furthermore, Herdklotz and Canale (2017) caution against solely relying on the ‘one size fits all’ new faculty orientation approach given the different levels of teaching experience and faculty roles. Accordingly, this session will cover the process and implementation of an innovative on-boarding online training program for new instructors of a multi-section Public Speaking course which is offered in all delivery modes (face-to-face, online and hybrid). Specifically, the presentation will begin by outlining some of the unique intricacies of the course (multi-section course, multiple delivery formats, instructor turn-over) which require the need for consistent content and assessment strategies across all sections while taking into account the different levels and perspectives of the instructional pool.  In addition, given the unique dynamics of the specific course, there was a need for strong elements of quality control which was the impetus for launching an innovative online on-boarding training program for new instructors. During the presentation, we will cover the specific content of the training program, the assessment strategies and the evolution of the program during the last three years in light of the feedback received from the participants. 

This presentation will be of interest to participants who manage on-boarding programs of new instructors and/or employees. Accordingly, during the discussion segment, participants will be asked to identify the components which should be included in an effective on-boarding program and share how those are implemented in their organizations in light of the model that was covered during the session.


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