Digital Learning Innovations Environmental Scan: Reflect and Review

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Brief Abstract

Come join the Every Learner Everywhere Network to reflect on the findings of a recently completed environmental scan of digital learning innovations and learn more about the strategy created to address these trends.


Kate Lee-McCarthy is the Director of Grants and Finance for the Online Learning Consortium. She is a participating member in Every Learner Everywhere Network's Digital Learning Innovations Working Group, the Digital Learning Innovations Advisory Committee, the Asset Management Working Group and is a Consultant for the Market Trends Working Group. She has a BSBA in Finance and Marketing from Boston University and an MA in Environmental and Sustainability Management from Harvard University.
Justin T. Dellinger is Learning Analytics Program Coordinator at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is also the project lead for the Digital Learning Research Network (dLRN) and member of Every Learner Everywhere. His primary research investigates the complexities of learning analytics adoption. He currently leads the development of the Learning Analytics MOOC Series in edX and serves as a course instructor in the program. In addition, he has facilitated the Professional Learning Community program at his university with the aim of building community to support the innovation of teaching practice through the use of digital technology, such as implementing open educational resources, using online course tools, and improving course outcomes through the use of learning analytics.

Extended Abstract

Every Learner Everywhere is helping institutions of higher education use adaptive learning technology to improve teaching and learning with a focus on increasing the success of first-generation students, low income students, and students of color. We are: 

  • Digital: We help institutions maximize the benefits of new technology and better navigate the hurdles of implementation using best practices from the field

  • Equitable: We look for solutions and best practices that reduce inequities between different student groups

  • Flexible: We create flexible resources to meet the unique needs of different institutions and student populations

  • Connected: We connect the higher education community so they can work collectively and share best practices (


Every Learner Everywhere in conjunction with Tanya Joosten has reviewed digital learning innovations trends via the DLIA submissions from 2016-2018 and through a scan of various journals and publications, both nationally and internationally. At Accelerate 2019 you learned about the research methodology behind this scan. Here, at Innovate 2020, we would like to present to you a full analysis and strategy surrounding the results.