How My College Keeps Its Promise of Academic Integrity and Why It Matters To Me

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Brief Abstract

How do your students feel about academic integrity? Do any of your students cheat on exams or coursework? Do they care about honor codes and ethics? Does your institution have measures in place to foster academic integrity and deter cheating? What role can faculty play? Come join the SmarterServices’ team and special guest, Sally Jones (AKA “Jonesy” - student) to learn how she feels about cheating, academic integrity, and her expectations of her school’s responsibility. She will share what academic integrity means to her and why it matters.

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Julie has worked in higher education for over 23 years with a BS degree from Faulkner University. After staying home with her young children, she began her career at a local university focusing on student support & success before moving on to SmarterServices. As the first sales & account manager there, she has worked with hundreds of institutions learning about student success, higher ed challenges, QEP, and accrediting standards that impact school initiatives. Her expertise lies in technology, internal operations, marketing, & identifying specific needs within organizations.
Carol has worked with educators for over 20 years in a variety of roles including sales/account management, staff development, technology implementation/training, marketing/communications, and most recently as Senior Solutions Consultant/Sales Manager at SmarterServices. In her role at SmarterServices she enjoys helping administrators explore how to improve student success, protect academic integrity, and grow online/distance programs at their institutions. She has a Marketing Degree from Troy University and an M.B.A. from Auburn University.

Extended Abstract

We know academic integrity is important to schools & students! What is your institution doing to ensure you are meeting accreditation standards and financial aid regulations? Advances in technology & changes in regulations are requiring schools to take a closer look at student authentication and testing integrity. SmarterProctoring Automated and SmarterID work together to empower faculty to identify cheating instances, protect schools from costly fines, work as a companion to authentic assessment, and contribute to an overall climate to deter & prevent cheating. 

SmarterServices has defined 2020 as “The Year of the Student. See your students. Know your students. Learn from your students”. We’ve decided to include them in the dialogue and hear what they have to say. Don’t miss this interactive session to learn more about affordable tools that authenticate student identity during coursework & securely proctor exams.

Those who attend this session will learn:

  1. The latest federal regulations & accrediting standards related to student authentication, testing security, and academic integrity.
  2. How students feel about academic integrity, facial recognition, and how they cheat & why.
  3. Some risks of not having a student authentication tool in place.
  4. Why offering multiple proctoring modalities is essential for scalability and growth in online programs.
  5. How other schools are using our tools SmarterID & SmarterProctoring to address #1-4