25 Years of Ed Tech – Or Why Understanding Some History is Useful in the Pandemic

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In this talk I will look at some recent history of educational technology, drawing on the open access book 25 Years of Ed Tech (https://www.aupress.ca/books/120290-25-years-of-ed-tech/). The talk will address some of the justification for such a historical analysis, some sample technologies from the past 25 years, and analyse some emergent themes. The relevance of a history of ed tech to the impact of the pandemic in higher education will be discussed, drawing on relevant examples.

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Martin Weller is the director of The Open Education Research Hub and the director of the GO-GN network. Weller chaired the Open University’s first major online e-learning course in 1999, which attracted 15,000 students, and was the OU’s first LMS Director. His popular blog, edtechie.net features his writings on aspects of educational technology. He is the author of The Battle for Open (2014) and 25 Years of Ed Tech (2020) both available under an open license.

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