OLC Innovate: Musical Bingo!

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Now is a good time to head to the virtual dram shop, grab a beverage, snack and Bingo card for a little pixelated pandemic-release. We will dust off the ol' jukebox and throw out your favorite songs in a game of Musical Bingo! Come join us and win a few fun prizes!


Clark Shah-Nelson serves as Assistant Dean of Instructional Design and Technology for the University of Maryland School of Social Work and is a doctoral student in Evidence-Based Management/Business Administration. Clark is an eLearning instructional design development professional with 25 years experience in educational technology innovations: teaching, designing leading award-winning online and distance learning teams for learning management platform implementation, training, end user support, professional development and engagement. He has presented at numerous online learning and ed tech conferences, was co-founder of the Blend-Online Educause constituent group, co-founding master chef of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Technology Test Kitchen, and has recently volunteered as Conference Co-Chair for OLC Innovate and Engagement Co-Chair for OLC Accelerate Clark has authored chapters on synchronous tools for teaching and learning support and co-authored a chapter on professional development installations. As a consultant, Clark has worked on several international projects in the realm of blended and online learning.
Matt Norsworthy, Ed.D. establishes relationships with institutions in order to develop strategies for improvement in their online and blended programs. Matt provides professional development options and project development solutions for institutions of all sizes, both public and private, domestically and internationally. Dr. Norsworthy has been designing, developing, and teaching English and Humanities courses for over fifteen years. He has a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing from National University and a Masters of Liberal Studies in English from Fort Hays State University. In addition, he holds a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education and Organizational Change from Benedictine University where he wrote his dissertation on “A Comparison of the Experiences of Online and Face-to-Face Doctoral Students in the Humanities”.
After leaving a promising career as a young 'upstart' in Australia’s banking industry, Rod Urand began his American life as an Assistant Director in a YMCA camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Customer Service expertise from his previous trade served him well as he worked with conference groups, youth and family services, and other participants at one of the largest conference centers in the Pocono Mountains. The next stop in his career took Rod to New Jersey where he was elevated to the position of Executive Director of the Camp Branch of the YMCA of Newark and Vicinity. Combining his customer service credentials, his facility management experience and technical know-how, Rod left the non-profit world for management positions in national known property management corporations in Arizona, Virginia and Maryland. Unable to suppress the entrepreneurial spirit and energy, Rod founded a small company called Yackendander Training and Consulting to provide hands-on training and consultation services in technology products such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other audio and digital editing software packages to name a few. His client list and partnerships include both small business, academia and some of the top training companies in the United States. Rod Urand is well versed and credentialed in the world of technology, instructional design and video production. In addition to his ownership role in his company, Rod also maintains a full-time career with The University of Maryland, Baltimore in Maryland. Here, he focuses on instructional design and support for Faculty.

Extended Abstract

Hi there and thank you for playing ZINGO. We will be playing 1 round of Musical Bingo – called I Love the 80’s

Here are the basic rules of the game:

  • A snippet of a song will play for approximately 15 seconds.
  • During the  time the song is playing, you are going to want to locate the song on your bingo card and then cross or blot that square.
  • The center square is FREE, just like regular bingo.
  • Between songs there will be a brief pause (usually around 5 seconds) before the next song is played.
  • If you have a ZINGO, you will need to type ZINGO in the chat window. There is about a 20-second delay between the live game and comments on ZINGO. Because every person has different internet speeds we unfortunately have to take the first message that gets to us as the winning ZINGO. So you might have typed it first but because another person had faster internet etc. their ZINGO might register first. Unfortunately, this is just the problem with an online world.

There are two ways to get your game card (online or manual).

Option 1 (Online):

  • When the game starts, you will want to have a separate device for the game card (mobile device, tablet, second screen etc).
  • Click this website: https://webbingo.live/
  • Enter your Name, email address and the game code *****We will give you the game code during the start of the game****

Option 2 (Printed Card):

  • If the online website is down or if you prefer to play with a traditional printed card, plese look at "Session Materials" for this session for a printable PDF with all the cards. We will assign you a card number when it is time to play.


Have fun, stay safe and enjoy ZINGO from the comfort of your own home.