DEI-Responsive Curriculum: Transform your School by leveraging Professional Learning Communities and the Tuning for Equity Protocol

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Brief Abstract

ABSTRACT: Transformational, DEI-responsive curriculum is a necessity. But how do we create Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that support our teachers in this process? A DEI-responsive PLC program inspires teachers to curate both curricula and classroom spaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all learners.  


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Anna Alldredge currently serves as the Director of Curriculum at Laguna Blanca School in Santa Barbara, CA. Anna is an experienced school administrator dedicated to shaping innovative curriculum, leading collaborative programs, and building school cultures geared toward equity. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Anna fell in love with California while attending Stanford University. There she earned her B.A. and M.A. while captaining the NCAA volleyball team. Anna has taught in a wide range of educational institutions, including a California public school, a German international school, a boarding high school, and K-12 independent school. Anna is the 2018 recipient of Laguna Blanca’s Faculty Excellence Award, and a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Learning in Organizations at Vanderbilt University. In July 2021, she will complete her graduate certificate in School Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate from Harvard University. Anna is driven by her passion for stewarding supportive, inspiring learning environments for all students.

Extended Abstract

OVERVIEW: Magic happens when teachers reflect upon their craft within a supportive, peer-based environment. As educators and administrators, we curate the learning spaces where students come of age. Students’ world views are powerfully shaped by our courses, classrooms, and curricula. A DEI-responsive PLC approach provides an action-oriented, peer-supported structure within which all faculty build their capacities as DEI-responsive educators. We must offer both curricula and classroom spaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all middle school learners.

OUR MODEL: We have scaled a robust PLC model at our school for sixty educators across an EK-12 setting. The mission of our PLC work is to build capacity with DEI-responsive curriculum through utilizing the Tuning for Equity Protocol within Professional Learning Communities.

ENGAGEMENT OPTIONS AND TAKEAWAYS: During this Discover Session, we will present the details and layers of this work. Participants will walk away with actionable ideas to implement at their schools. These include the following:  
- Access a deep resource list on DEI-responsive classrooms.

- Explore how to implement PLCs at your school, and examine how Critical Friends Protocols provide frameworks for challenging conversations.

- Assess your school's current curriculum using a thorough DEI-responsive curricular rubric.

- Brainstorm guiding questions that could deepen DEI-responsiveness within your school’s curriculum.