Anywhere & Anytime: Mobile learning and student engagement in online courses

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Brief Abstract

Students seem to use their phones for everything even their online classes. But what impact might this have on their engagement? The answer might surprise you. This session presents the findings of research on the impact of mobile learning use on student engagement in fully online courses. Mobile learning matters! 

Extended Abstract

Online learning has enjoyed strong growth and development over the last two decades, and at the same time, mobile technologies have become an indispensable part of our lives. Even as the boundaries of access to higher education have been diminishing and our lives have become more mobile, educational technology has been slower to harness the full benefits of that mobility. Accessing and participating in an online course with a mobile device is the foundation of mobile learning, and this behavior is increasing among college students. Scholarship on mobile learning theory assumes fluidity of learning in time, content, and context, and that learning is mediated through technology. However, much of the current research on online engagement or student success does not factor in the mode of access. Understanding the connection between mobile learning and student engagement is important for the development of the theory and scholarship of mobile learning, online learning, and student success online. But also, understanding the impact of mobile learning on student engagement is made even more consequential now because of shifts to virtual and online learning due to COVID-19. 

This session will present research findings on the impact of mobile learning use on engagement and student success in fully online courses. The presentation will have 2 primary aims: to describe the research design and to describe and discuss the findings and implications of the research. 

Level of participation 

Compelling questions will be possed to session attendees to engage their thinking on the content. They will be encouraged to discuss those questions with fellow attendees either in informal small groups in a live session or in chat and polling in a virtual session. Discussion of the implications of the research will be fostered by question sets that can be used in the same manner, and attendees will be encouraged to pose questions to the presenter. If the session is delivered in a live session, online interactive tools will be used to prompt attendees to use their mobile devices throughout the session.

Session Goals:

Session attendees will be able to identify relevant theories for the scholarship of mobile learning and discuss approaches to measurement and research. Attendees will also be able to discuss implications for online pedagogy, course design, and online student support.