The COVID-19 Pivot: Comparing and Contrasting Three Institutions in Approach to Faculty Development and Digital Ecosystems

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Brief Abstract

This session will compare how three institutions responded to the COVID-19 crisis in terms of faculty development, partnerships, and digital infrastructure (edtech, LMS, etc).  Attendees will walk away with an understanding of what faculty development, partnerships and digital infrastructure projects were implemented with data on cost, impact, and recommendations.


Director of Online Learning Programs at U.Va. She is responsible for managing production for U.Va.'s partnership with Coursera. Her passion project is an outreach program with Africa that has provided over 24,000 scholarships and reached learners in every country on the continent. Before U.Va., she was successfully delivering enterprise technology projects for various companies including Walt Disney, Hewlett-Packard, eBay and Intuit. She joined U.Va. in 2011.

Extended Abstract

This session will compare and contrast how three institutions responded to the COVID-19 crisis in terms of faculty development and digital infrastructure.  Each institution will present on how they trained faculty with links to best practices and resources including data on cost of delivery and impact.  Each institution will talk to working with new partners across the institution and in the community.  Each institution will discuss their technical infrastructure including the learning management systems (LMS), edtech tools and support for students and faculty with these systems and tools.  This educational session will lean towards the conversation side as the presenters interact with the audience to understand what the audience learned in regards to faculty development, working with partners, and digital infrastructure.  Readings and slides will be provided before the session.  

Attendees will walk away from this session with an understanding of: 

  • What faculty development and digital infrastructure projects happened at each institution with recommendations on best practices, cost, and impact.

  • How different institutions across the country formalized new processes/programs in response to Spring 2020 pivot

  • How each institution is adapting faculty development support moving from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021

  • How these institutions are capitalizing on new opportunities for partnerships across the institution and into their communities