Eagles Assemble: Introverts Collaborating, leveraging and delivering a summer online teaching workshop using the Faculty Playbook

Concurrent Session 3 & 4 (combined)
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Brief Abstract

The session showcases a series of summer online teaching workshops developed and delivered collaboratively among faculty, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Distance Education and the Undergraduate Education & Student Success division. Participants will participate in the discussion and activities covering student success, course design, UDL, assessment, communication, and technology.


Instructional Designer, knowledgeable about theories and methods used in designing, developing and delivering successful training programs and adult learning concepts.
Dr. Mays is Professor of Nursing at Morehead State University where she is the Coordinator two online programs including the Post-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Program and the Masters of Science, Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Dr. Mays currently practices as a Family Nurse Practitioner at St. Claire Family Medicine Express.

Extended Abstract

While many institutions of higher education have embraced online learning, it is no surprise that even these still rely heavily on the traditional in-person classroom. The global COVID-19 pandemic forced many universities to pivot almost instantly to a fully online learning environment. This quick turn-round to a fully online format demonstrated many faculty were under-prepared and frustrated with the new delivery platform. The goal of this session is to share insights gleaned from a series of online teaching workshops delivered during the summer of 2020. The purpose of this session is to relay how needs of faculty can be met with a collaborative effort across the university community.  The workshops were developed and delivered by faculty with experience in teaching online, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Distance Education and Instructional Design, and the Office for Undergraduate Education and Student Success. Presenters will provide how the workshops were developed, using the Faculty Playbook and good practices of Quality Matters through collaborative efforts of all involved.  The workshops were presented with two overall goals: 1) to provide faculty with informative training to support online teaching strategies and tactics and 2) to prepare and encourage faculty to be better prepared to quickly pivot back to a fully online teaching environment, should the need arise during the pandemic.

The major topics from the workshop that this session will address are: course design, alignment of learning outcomes and content/activities, Universal Design for Learning, assessment, communication and engagement strategies, as well as LMS (Blackboard) technology tools and tips.  As each of the four workshops commenced, it was clearly evident that the faculty had divergent experience and technological skills. Based upon survey feedback and the level of demand for the workshops, additional training on the LMS and shortened workshops have been added for the fall semester.

The presenters will provide the audience opportunities to inquire and participate throughout the presentation, and will follow a format similar to the workshops that allow for interactive sharing of participants to provide additional insights into good practice, and successful online strategies.  The open dialogue between faculty who have concerns based upon similar disciplines were able to share insights for others without similar experience. Interactivity with the audience is encouraged, modelling the approach taken in the workshop sessions. 

The presenters will share insights into faculty concerns, successful strategies, faculty preparedness, institutional perspectives, and concerns regarding student success.

Eagles Assemble OLC Innovate – 90 minutes

  • Intro 10 min:
    • Attendees will introduce themselves, their departments, and experience with online teaching and learning
  • 10 min: Course Design
    • Participants will dialogue on online learning and remote teaching
    • Success stories and pain points
  • 10 min: Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Content/Activities
    • Participants will begin a Course Map
  • 10 min: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
    • Discussion and sharing of UDL strategies and accessibility statements
  • 10 min: Assessment
    • Assessment tools overview & discussion
    • Rubrics discussion
  • 10 min: Communication and Engagement Strategies
    • Sharing and participating in community building activities
    • Communication strategies and research
  • 10 min: LMS (Blackboard) Technology Tools and Tips
    • Personalization
    • Synchronous sessions
    • Feedback with anonymous surveys
  • 10 min: Wrap-Up
    • Survey data presentation
    • Discussion
  • 10 min: Q & A



O’Keefe, L., Rafferty, J., Gunder, A., Vignare, K. (2020, May 18). Delivering high-quality instruction online in response to COVID-19: Faculty playbook. Every Learner Everywhere