Easy as CBE: Launching a Rigorous CBE Program May Be Closer Than You Think

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Brief Abstract

Don't listen to the naysayers about CBE! Find out how one major university partnered with a professional services company and accomplished the impossible to launch a rigorous CBE program that has already begun to transform the way students learn. It’s CBE by design. CBE at scale. CBE for everyone.

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Jennifer McGrath Brock is a higher education professional specializing in educational administration, educational technology, instructional design, regional and national accreditation, student learning outcome assessment, and online learning. Jennifer leads the creation of outstanding student learning experiences by introducing the most relevant and innovative technologies in curriculum design that meet the unique needs of the University of Phoenix adult learning population. She operates highly collaboratively with academic and non-academic leaders across the University to offer teaching and learning solutions that help drive faculty excellence and student progression. She leads the centralized curriculum design team, academic and instructional content services, tutoring, research and library services, and program learning services. Key career highlights: • Administration, instructional design and faculty experience in both online and in-person environments. • Collaborative experience with administration, faculty, student, and academic affairs on projects within and across institutions with demonstrated results. • Student learning outcomes assessment. • Faculty training and engagement. • Presenter at both in-person and virtual national and regional events. • Focus on at-risk, low-income, nontraditional learners in online community college and university settings. • National and regional accreditation applications, renewals, assessment planning and implementation (HLC, WASC, ACICS, ACCSC). • Management and maintenance of budgets and grant funding initiatives. • Principal investigator of grants through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Predictive Analytics Reporting framework.
Kate Parker leads LearningMate's Content Development and Instructional Design teams, supporting the creation and enrichment of engaging, inclusive, outcome-aligned content and programs. Kate has over 20 years' experience working with teachers, researchers, and institutions to develop innovative solutions to critical learning challenges.

Extended Abstract

CBE is too complicated. CBE is too costly. It won't scale. It will take years for you to get CBE up and running and your accrediting body won't approve it.

Talk to anyone about competency-based education and you're bound to hear all of these objections and more. But don't listen to the naysayers. Come, let us tell you a story as old as time. It's a tale about perseverance, overcoming objections and fears, and striving to create a degree that is both more affordable and more flexible for working adults, which is something that the world desperately needs.

This is a story about how a major university partnered with a professional services and product company and, in less than 3 months, launched a rigorous credit/clock hour CBE program that has already begun to transform the way professors teach and the way students learn. In the Masters programs, alone, it has allowed us to speed time to graduation from two years to one, at a cost to students of under $10,000!

Join us in this interactive and entertaining session as we take you through this journey and we'll show you how we accomplished something that many people said we couldn't. We'll break it down for you so that you, too, can do it. We'll show you before and after courses and we'll walk you through our processes and learning design decisions, such as how the inspired use of Backwards Design changed everything. Of course, we'll go into detail about our special partnership with a professional services and product company, and how that partnership allowed us to ramp up speed and scale while maintaining the highest CBE standards.

Finally, we'll let you in on one of our secrets on how we know that the future is bright for CBE. It's all about three little letters: LOR. By using a learning object repository, we'll be able to speed up future revisions, collect and use data to make important decisions, allow us to repurpose CBE components and future proof the university against whatever comes next.

CBE is too complicated. Hardly! CBE is too costly. Not true! It won't scale. Poppycock! It will take years for you to get CBE up and running and your accrediting body won't approve it.