Extreme Makeover - OER Edition: Using SoftChalk And SkillsCommons To Redesign OER To Optimize Learning

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Equipped with SkillsCommons' vast repository of open educational resources (OER) and SoftChalk's innovative lesson design tools, you can renovate your course materials to align with the unique educational goals of your institution and students. Though we teach common courses across institutions, each institution and each classroom educates a unique combination of students, programs, and pedagogies. This interactive presentation will demonstrate how OER from a program like SkillsCommons and a course authoring tool like SoftChalk enable faculty and staff to make over OER to redesign curriculums.

In this two hour workshop participants will review the importance of Affordable Learning Solutions initiatives and their relationship to OER, review the benefits of using a lesson authoring tool like SoftChalk, and focus on workforce development. Participants will have the opportunity to see SkillsCommons and SoftChalk in action in redesigning OER content for lesson design.

This workshop is designed for institutional administrators as well as instructores and educators of all levels. Gerry, Sue, and Rick look forward to working with you to renovate and remodel your course materials to meet your specific and unique needs.



Gerard L. Hanley Ph.D. is the Executive Director of MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, www.merlot.org) and SkillsCommons (www.skillscommons.org) for the California State University, the Director for the Center for Usability for Design and Accessibility and Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. At MERLOT and SkillsCommons, he directs the development and sustainability of the international consortium and technology strategy to provide open educational services to improve teaching and learning and continues to development the US Department of Labor's open repository of educational resources for workforce development. Gerry's previous positions include Assistance Vice Chancellor for Academic Technology Services at the CSU Office of the Chancellor, the Director of Faculty Development and Director of Strategy Planning at CSU, Long Beach.
Sue Polyson Evans is the CEO and co-Founder of SoftChalk LLC. SoftChalk is the leading provider of content authoring software for educators in K-12, colleges, universities and medical programs. Sue has more than 20 years of experience in developing, managing and supporting educational technology in both academic and corporate environments. Prior to SoftChalk, she was a founding partner and the Chief Technology Officer for madDuck Technologies, where she was also the principal developer of Web Course in a Box, one of the first learning management systems in the US. Past endeavors include various management positions with Virginia Commonwealth University in both instructional and academic technologies.

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