The New Normal: How COVID-19 Has Driven Schools To Adopt Online Proctoring

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Brief Abstract

Take a break from the rich idea sharing in this virtual coffee talk with PSI experts. Grab a hot beverage and join us for an informal discussion and light networking as an interlude between sessions.


Mark Musacchio is Senior Director of Sales, PSI Education. For the past 12 years, Mark has worked with countless educators in higher education and certification organizations to help them with their assessment challenges. With a focus on customer experience, he works closely with senior leadership and account management to ensure quality and excellence throughout the customer lifecycle.

Extended Abstract

Mark Musacchio, representing our sponsor PSI, will kick things off with a chat about how COVID-19 has necessitated the adoption of Online Proctoring at scale by schools around the world. We look forward to your contributions to the chat to see where it takes us!