Establishing an Online Tutoring Platform

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Brief Abstract

Institutions across the United States are quickly shifting gears to offer the delivery of student support services in a virtual environment. This session will explore a real-world example of how an institution of higher education selected and established an online tutoring platform to enhance academic success.


Mike Hoffshire, PhD is a Director of Student Engagement and Academic Success at Saint Mary’s College of California and adjunct instructor at the University of California, Berkeley. A queer scholar and practitioner, their research examines the identity development of LGBQ+ students and student success initiatives. The 2020 recipient of the Dr. Sheltreese D. McCoy Advocacy Award through College Student Educators International (ACPA), Mike uplifts and centers the voices and experiences of queer, trans* People of Color as an educator in higher education.
Graduated the University of Kentucky with a teaching degree in Biology / minor in Chemistry Worked as a high school teacher for 4 years and then completed my master's degree in Instructional Leadership Worked as a high school principal for 7 years before transitioning to work as a business leadership trainer. Blackboard, Inc. Worked with colleges and universities supporting the LMS, doing enrollment and financial aid support K12, Inc. Worked with the largest provider of curriculum for online homeschools in the nation doing enrollment support Now with TutorMe - working to help provide academic support services to students regardless of location

Extended Abstract

As a result of Covid19 and changing students demographics, educational institutions have had to quickly pivot student support services to a remote environment. One such service, academic based tutoring, continues to be high need area for students as classes continue to be held virtually in both synchronous and asynchronous methods. While educators have always been quick to respond to changing student needs, it can be difficult to know where to begin with expanding/shifting services to an online platform.

This session will offer a broad view of how Saint Mary's College of California leadership team examined and analyzed various third party tutoring platforms. Additionally, they will cover campus implementation techniques (including how to integrate an online platform into existing services). Assessment data, including lessons learned, will also be showcased.

Participants will:

  • Learn what to consider when selecting a third party tutoring platform as well as a sampling of potential questions to ask institutional leadership and third party platform vendors
  • Determine who to collaborate with while gaining institutional support how to integrate an online tutoring program with existing campus tutoring structures how to assess their newly integrated program
  • Learn how to integrate an online tutoring program with existing campus tutoring structures
  • Learn how to assess their newly integrated program