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You’re busy and quickly become inundated by requests from students and administrators. So why not take advantage of the most powerful tool at your disposal – your LMS?

Join me as we walk through the incredible tools Brightspace offers to improve efficiencies and increase engagement, all while providing personalized learning experiences!


Brad Ketelaars is a Solutions Engineering Manager with D2L, working with higher education institutions across North America to improve academic outcomes through technology. With over 15 years of experience in EdTech, Brad helps administrators and faculty to make the move to online learning in all capacities, including face-to-face with tech, hybrid, and fully online delivery methods. His areas of expertise include course development, technical documentation, and Learning Management System integrations

Extended Abstract

As educators, we have a lot on the go. We may teach multiple courses and we can quickly become inundated by requests from students and administrators. So why not make the most of one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal – our LMS?

Learn how Brightspace can help improve efficiency and put time back in your schedule, all while providing a tailored and personalized learning experience for every student! Join me as we walk through some of the incredible tools Brightspace offers instructors to help them save time while improving student engagement!

In this session, we will be exploring the features and benefits of Brightspace and how you can use these tools to get the most you possibly can for your students and yourself! Learning how to effectively utilize the platform will allow you to free up time to do what you love to do – teach!

Imagine being able to have messages sent to your students based on how they’re doing, without lifting a finger! We will explore features such as release conditions, automated messages and personalized communication as they allow for massive time savings without compromising the tailored and personal approach every educator hopes to deliver to their students.

What if your platform allowed you to create personalized learning paths? Or gated learning experiences? Good news, with Brightspace this is all possible! We will go through a demonstration of how these tools can be used as well as look at the use of multi-media and data to help improve student engagement as well as retention!

Not a Brightspace user? Maybe you don’t have a platform currently or rather, you’re looking at different platforms to replace your current solution. Whether you’re evaluating or even just curious about what’s out there, I encourage you to still join us to learn the world of possibilities that this platform has to offer. I would love to chat, hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have about Brightspace!

D2L believes learning is the foundation upon which all progress and achievement rests. Working closely with organizations globally, D2L has transformed the way millions of people learn online and in the classroom. Learn more about D2L’s Brightspace platform at