How To Protect Exam Integrity In A Global Pandemic

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Brief Abstract

Institutions around the world were faced with the challenge of preserving the value of online programs and the integrity of their online assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform has provided institutions around the world with a reliable, scalable, and secure solution for remote integrity protection.

Extended Abstract

How are educational institutions supposed to preserve the value of online programs and the integrity of online assessments during a global pandemic?

Over 1,200 higher ed, K-12, corporate, and federal institutions have trusted Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform to provide secure and scalable Identity Verification, Automated and Live Proctoring, Content Protection, and Plagiarism Detection.

Proctorio is an industry leader in remote proctoring. Since inception, Proctorio has maintained a 99.991% uptime, has been the first and only remote proctoring solution to leverage Zero-Knowledge Encryption, and does not use biometric identifiers. Proctorio seamlessly integrates with most commonly-used Learning Management Systems via LTI in just 5-10 minutes, has the lowest system requirements in the industry (supporting devices up to 10 years old!), provides instant exam results within the Proctorio Gradebook, and offers 24/7/365 support. To date, Proctorio has proctored over 32.5 million exams to serve test-takers in all but four countries around the world, 20 million of these exams were proctored in 2020 alone.

Join Connor Koper, Head of North American Sales at Proctorio, to learn about Proctorio’s full suite of customizable settings and to hear about how online Proctorio has secured integrity for thousands of institutions worldwide before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.