Creating engaging and interactive class content with Padlet

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

This technology spotlight will showcase Padlet, which allows you to create a digital storyboard for your students. Whether you have used Padlet previously or not, join us as we practice integrating Padlet into class content and leave with a myriad of ideas for assignments and activities.


Dr Sean Nufer is the Director of Teaching and Learning at TCS Education System, and an associate adjunct professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Pacific Oaks College.

Extended Abstract

In this session, we will discuss and brainstorm:

  • Basic functionality of the Padlet platform
  • Various assessment and content presentation techniques using Padlet
  • Tips and tricks for using Padlet to engage students and build learning communities

The field of educational technology is advancing and evolving at a rapid pace. As such, it is important to keep tabs on the current state of the industry. Padlet is a freemium platform that embeds into LMS content pages and works on all internet devices, allowing users to brainstorm, storyboard, curate resources, take notes, share multimedia and internet assets, etc.

This session will begin with a brief introduction to the Padlet platform and how to use it to create, curate, and present content in your course.  We will showcase various types of boards and demonstrate several examples of class activities and assignment.  Attendees will have an opportunity to create their free Padlet account and explore the tools and functionality of the platform.  We will explore aspects of storytelling, content curation, and collaboration within the classroom.

Attendees will gain hands-on experience working with Padlet in either a standalone or LMS environment.  We will also provide opportunities for audience interaction as participants will be invited to present their Padlet interactions and contribute to brainstorming and ideation for enhancing teaching and learning and building an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Come join our session as we explore Padlet and demonstrate how it integrates within an LMS.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this session will:

Explore the functionality and integration of Padlet within a learning environment.

Design unique and interactive assignments and content using Padlet.

Appreciate the role that collaborative educational technology can play in learning and student engagement.

Create a sample assignment that can be integrated within an online or face-to-face classroom.

Have the opportunity to present their Padlet creation in a small or large group setting.