Upskilling Today's Students Through Accelerated Paths to Jobs and Degrees in Collaboration with Employers

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

We will share successful alternative models for upskilling and reskilling individuals to advance in their careers more quickly. These models include prior learning assessment, subscription-based self-paced courses, competency based design, micro-credentials and tech bootcamps online and at employer sites.  

Extended Abstract

While degrees continue to have a strong return on investment for students, alternative and accelerated paths to attain technical skills and advance in careers are increasingly important for today’s students. And when these alternative paths are designed in collaboration with employers and also provide pathways into degrees, the risks for students are minimized and the benefits are maximized.

We will have a panel with representatives of a tech bootcamp, a competency-based education course provider, and an employer partnership leader to share what is working and not working in providing alternative and accelerated paths. The panelists will share stories that include:

  • successful employer bootcamps that changed the ratio for women and minorities in tech jobs,
  • Feedback from employers on employer funded student cohorts
  • Usage of digital badges to represent micro-credential achievements and what we see in terms of acceptance and share rates
  • And pathways from technical and alternative credentials into degree programs.

The panelists will also share the specific pedagogical assumptions and approaches that are appropriate for students in career and technical education courses and the outcomes we see in terms of completion, employment, and additional credentials.