Inspiring Engagement and Inclusion in a HyFlex Environment: Allowing All Learners to Have a Voice in the Classroom

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Brief Abstract

As institutions adopt HyFlex learning options, educators must innovate and adapt to meet students where they are with creative instructional solutions. During this presentation, you will learn how multiple-solution platforms allow professors to create interactive lessons and improve engagement across in-person, online, and asynchronous settings to maintain classroom continuity.


Based in Ohio with over a decade of experience in educational technology. I am passionate about my personal relationships, lifelong learning, and staying healthy.
Daniel J. Mallinson is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Penn State Harrisburg. His research interests include policy process theory, particularly policy diffusion, cannabis policy, energy policy, and the science of teaching and learning.

Extended Abstract

HyFlex classrooms - a combination of in-person instruction and online learning - are becoming increasingly popular in higher education, not only for pandemic-related safety measures, but also as an opportunity to promote access by meeting students where they are. This shift in learning environments requires educators to innovate and adapt teaching practices and technologies across several modalities while not sacrificing learner performance. 

Regardless of participation mode, maintaining consistent pedagogies, supporting equivalent learning outcomes, and hearing from all students are often top of mind for educators promoting equity and inclusion in the classroom. Implementing multiple-solution engagement tools enable instructors to both reach their students and ensure their voices are heard through interactive slides, dynamic media, formative assessments, and more. 

During this interactive and hands-on session, presenters will demonstrate and model a successful HyFlex instructional experience using a proven multiple-solution platform and discuss their engagement and collaboration findings. A professor will also share their real-world classroom examples and best practices cultivated during the pandemic and how to utilize these skills moving forward in online, in-person, and asynchronous settings. 

By the end of this presentation, attendees will know how to engage learners to elevate instruction and contribute to inclusive learning outcomes in a HyFlex environment. Participants will also be able to build upon the session learnings to design their courses and instruction for improved participation, academic effectiveness, and learner connectedness with widely used higher education multiple-solution technology.