Technological Readiness: How Teaching the Right Mindset Projects Students' Academic Success

Concurrent Session 6

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Investigating technological readiness as a mindset, Parasuraman and Colby (2015) identified optimism and innovativeness versus discomfort and insecurity as attitudes towards technology that greatly impact learning. Teaching the right mindset towards technology will trickle down to students’ mindset towards other areas of their student life. Based on the conceptual framework of academic success by York et al. (2015), this presentation will give insights to university administrators as they seek to innovate student development programs that gear towards students’ academic success.

Extended Abstract

Constant upgrades and changes in technology can be disconcerting. Students often feel unsettled when upgrades or changes in their learning management system occur or when one instructor after another introduces new educational technological tools. Parasuraman and Colby (2015) identified optimism and innovativeness versus discomfort and insecurity as categories of attitudes toward technology. Teaching the right mindset towards technology in the first-year courses can greatly impact student learning and outcomes. In fact, the right mindset at the early stage of college life can project overall academic success. York et al. (2015) included acquisition of skills and competencies as part of their conceptual model of academic success.  

Literature shows that the optimism and innovativeness go way beyond the university life of a student. Pitt et al. (2020) argued that optimism, innovativeness, and competitiveness are associated with science identity of STEM scholars and scientists. Byun et al. (2020) identified optimism and innovativeness as attitudes that impact the success of small business retail owners towards competition and technological upgrades. Odlum (2016) cited how technological readiness of nursing students can reduce healthcare costs and clinical errors.

In this session, a survey on students’ technological readiness reveals a baseline data on their attitudes towards technology. Emphasizing the right mindset to impact students’ overall academic success, these reflective insights will inspire university administrators to consider the inclusion of technological readiness and right mindset in the orientation of freshmen college students as well as their emphasis on first-year courses.