Student Perspectives on Evidence-Based Teaching Practices

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Gain insights on students’ perspectives of evidence-based teaching practices highlighted in the OLC’s 2022 book on quality online teaching featuring the Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practices (QCTIP) Scorecard.  This panel discussion, composed of QCTIP book co-authors and students will unpack best practices around course design, inclusivity, community, engagement, and assessment  informed by research and students’ experiences.


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Dr. Abby McGuire serves as the Director of Research at the Online Learning Consortium where she supports the OLC’s research efforts and advances the reach and impact of the OLC’s Research Center. Abby collaborates with scholars, practitioners, OLC team members, and external partners to design and implement initiatives and publish research that advances online, blended, and digital teaching and learning. Abby loves creating and sharing ideas to deepen understanding and shift perspectives about teaching and learning. She is a bold, creative thinker and educational leader with professional writing, editing, and consulting expertise, and she is a higher education professional with more than a decade of experience in administrative and faculty roles. Abby holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and a Master of Arts in English Composition and Communication from Central Michigan University.

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