Draw This and Describe That! A Team-Based Digital Drawing Game (An OLC Game Night)

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Test your artistic skills during this fun, team-based digital drawing game. Along the way, learn about accessibility and the importance of good image descriptions. Not sure if you want to join in person but fancy some evening fun? No worries! You can join us virtually right from the comforts of your hotel room.


Morgan Johnson is the Vice President of Faculty Affairs at The University of Arizona Global Campus. In her role she leads the University’s faculty development and support team, academic operations team, and teaching and learning innovation lab, which support nearly 2,500 online faculty. Morgan is currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership. Her research focuses on teaching practices in online classrooms. As a passionate educator, Morgan has taught over 60 online courses during her career. Her research and consulting have focused on faculty management, teaching and learning, and academic operations.
Katrina is an Instructional Designer at Penn State University and recently began her journey to obtain her doctorate in learning, design and technology. She has instructional design experience in industry, K-12 and higher education. One of her core beliefs is that technology can transform education for both learners and instructors through the careful selection and application of educational technology solutions with respect to specific course outcomes and objectives.

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