Course Stories, Let's Talk!

Concurrent Session 8
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

In this live recording of Course Stories, we will lead a conversation on quality online course design, the support needed, and the outcomes experienced among the attendees and from our own Course Stories at ASU Online. ASU Online offers hundreds of online degrees and certificates in fields like business, digital media, engineering, sustainability and more. 

Extended Abstract

This session is a live recording, you are invited to participate in a conversation on the process, problems and practices that lead to quality, high-production online course design. In this session, Mary Loder, Manager of Professional Development and Training and Co-host of Course Stories, Ricardo Leon, Media Specialist, Co-host of Course Stories, and Matthew Robinson, Manager of Online Learning in Media, will discuss the findings from the first season of Course Stories, a podcast that explores an array of course design decisions and their impact to the students and faculty at ASU Online.

ASU Online is a well-respected completely online University that serves students all over the world. The unique access to our faculty and their experiences will be shared through the stories we captured on the podcast. Through the conversations on the themes of the episodes, we will explore the needs of the community in the session, asking for their cliff notes on their epic tale or challenging chapter in course design. We will celebrate the wins, learn from the mis-steps, and all journey to the end of this session with some clear actions we can take individually and as an institution to support quality course design online.