Intentional Design of an Interactive Capstone Project Selection Tool to Facilitate Intentional Collaboration

Concurrent Session 5
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

This presentation emphasizes mindful collaboration between faculty and students in selecting appropriate and engaging Capstone projects. The new interactive Capstone project selection tool is designed to assist students and faculty in discussing, analyzing, and selecting appropriate Capstone projects by evaluating their project ideas across program criteria. This tool makes course expectations transparent and provides a supportive EDI environment for students from diverse backgrounds.


Extended Abstract

Session Takeaways:

1.Identify appropriate selection criteria and reflective learning strategies for a capstone course;

2. Select and prioritize criteria and reflective learning strategies;

3. Discuss benefits of this tool for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for student success;

4. Develop strategies to help facilitate students through the active, reflective
learning associated with project refinement and selection.


1. Introductions: Activity - Engage participants as they
enter the session – In the chat, share their name & prior experience
with capstone courses (2 minutes)

2. Overview: Describe Need /
Problem - Student selection of a capstone project impacts student
learning/project completion (3 minutes) Activity: engage the
audience - small break out groups – brainstorm barriers (5

3. Barriers: Four barriers to successful capstone project
completion (5 minutes).

4. EDI Benefits Discussion: Transparency
and the use of clear directions is a strategy used for Equity,
Diversity, and Inclusion. We created a selection tool that shares
criteria and expectations with students. (5 minutes)

5. Solution:
Created a reusable learning object (RLO) to save time and for the
scalability of courses. • User experience best practices • Rapid
prototyping promotes collaboration • Potential application in other
courses (10 Minutes) 6. Q & A (15 minutes).