Best Practices for Online Classroom Management and Instruction

Streamed Session

Brief Abstract

Managing an online classroom requires appropriately setting up and facilitating an environment that maintains the same rigor and support students receive in a traditional setting. With minimal funding and subsequent lack of support, teachers are required to manage systems and resources on their own to ensure students remain engaged and motivated in their learning. This presentation will discuss tips, strategies, and tools that teachers can use and implement right away to provide a meaningful learning experience for the traditional student.

Extended Abstract

The nationwide shift to include online learning as an option for students at all educational levels has changed how teachers manage their classrooms, deliver instruction, and facilitate students’ progress. Teacher training and educational programs have focused instruction on pedagogy and strategies for a familiar brick-and-mortar classroom environment. This shift to online education has left teachers to develop strategies and tools independently with very little guidance.

Teachers have had insufficient time and training to develop the necessary tools and strategies. As many teachers now know, using online content to support or enhance their curriculum is quite different from teaching entirely online.

How can you manage a rich and supportive classroom online? What tools, technologies, and methods have proven to be most helpful? How do you take care of students academically and emotionally when you can’t always see how they’re reacting? This presentation will answer these questions, and it will also suggest some strategies for making your time with students online feel constructive and rewarding.