Student Learning in Higher Education via Mobile Devices

Concurrent Session 5
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

Obtaining a college education is full of life’s challenges. Every student no matter their background or socioeconomic status will face adversity. This session is designed to provide attendees with the tools to create a mobile friendly curriculum increasing the chances of  student success, while cutting down on institutional attrition rates.  


Dr. Justin Harper is the program director for the Bryan University exercise science department and is the former Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness committee coordinator. He oversees all operations of the exercise science department and has a passion for DEI. Dr. Harper loves innovation and continues to find ways to push the boundaries of traditional education. Dr. Harper is the 2018 recipient of Bryan University’s 'Distinguished Faculty Award', and has a doctorate in education from Grand Canyon University.

Extended Abstract

When a person thinks of the college experience in the most traditional sense they think: move into the dorms, attend orientation, go to class in large lecture halls, spend hours at the library on your laptop doing homework, all while trying to balance a personal life. Time is changing, we can now do our banking, order food, purchase groceries, buy new clothes, and a plethora of other things directly from our mobile devices. Why can't a person earn a college degree? This session is designed to provide instructional designers, administrators, subject matter experts and other university personnel with a roadmap to making the college experience more accessible through the use of mobile friendly curriculum. We all know not everything can be done from a phone, and quite frankly some areas of  study may not be able to design the majority of their curriculum in a mobile fashion but, there is something every program can do to simplify the experience for students so that they have a better chance of persevering through challenging times, and show higher levels of grit when life gets busy so that they can successfully finish what they started and reach that graduation stage.

This is a win-win for all parties involved as universities will benefit from lower attrition rates and higher graduation rates, while students will receive a much greater return on their investment. In this session the following questions will be answered: what is mobile friendly curriculum? How does designing curriculum in a mobile friendly fashion help students persevere? How to reimagine assessing student learning? What is the correlation between mobile friendly learning and minimizing attrition? How to design curriculum form a student centered perspective? This session is structured like an interactive presentation. Following an overview of mobile friendly curriculum design. Participants will have an opportunity to experience firsthand the power of mobile friendly curriculum design. Individuals attending this presentation will be able to analyze their current curriculum in order to identify areas of opportunity to implement mobile friendly curriculum design techniques. Participants will also be able to garner firsthand experience using mobile friendly technology so that they can see what students would experience.