Equitable Education Through Open Educational Resources

Streamed Session Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and what role do they play in building equity into the educational landscape? OER goes beyond cost savings and provides customizable content which can reflect historically marginalized voices and viewpoints. This presentation will provide a foundation on what OER are, how they are used, and their importance in equity in education. Practical resources and tips for incorporating diverse content will also be provided. 


Rachel Becker is the Copyright & Open Educational Resources Librarian at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, WI. Her professional interests include Open Education and Open Pedagogy, affordable textbook programs, and using technology in the online courses. She is co-chair of the college's Textbook Affordability Committee, a SPARC 21/22 Open Education Leadership program graduate, and holds a Master's in Library Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Extended Abstract

Open Educational Resources (OER) have gained popularity among academics over the past 10 years as quality and quantity have increased. Traditionally, adoption of OER has focused on reducing learning material costs for students, which remains an important hightlight. However, increasingly OER is being remixed and adopted to increase equity of voices and center historially margionalized voices. Instructors and institutions can customize textbooks, lectures, test banks, etc to more accurately reflect diverse student voices and experiences. With an overwhelming number of options in OER how do you start? This workshop will introduce OER as a concept in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and demonstrate key resources for evaluating content through an equity lens. Different resources for identifying and locating OER will be shared along with helpful tips on finding partners in development and adoption. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of what OER is, how it can make education more equitable, and know who to partner with on their campus.